Monday, April 06, 2009

Both of these books are delightful. They are short (around 130 pages) and full of laugh-out-loud events. I can't recommend them enough. I read the first one a while ago, so I don't remember it as well, but the sequel I just read on the flight home from Utah. It was great. I give it two thumbs up. I thought about reading it to Tristan, but some of the humor he might not "get" for a few years. By the time I explained why parts were funny... it would take a long time. I want someone else to read it so we can say, "Wasn't that a funny book?" "Yeah... it was."


Amanda said...

I've got them in my queue at the library. I'll let you know.

Bartlett Pair said...

Oh my goodness I read these two a long time a goa nd I love them! Was the first one "letters to the president"?