Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Cronicles of Prydain

I tried reading these books when I was young but I think I started in the middle of the series and it was just too hard for me to get into them. Chantel and I have read all five and I thought they were awesome. I gave my office mates and others who caught me reading them the line, "well, I have to read them to make sure they're all right for my 6½ year old son." They are not too dark or too violent, check. Lots of action to get Owen's attention, check. Almost no romance whatsoever—the heroine is somewhat of a tomboy—thus Owen, a member in good standing of the “no-kissing-club” will not revolt, check.

I plan on owning them someday soon.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

My friend Vivian is responsible for so many fabulous things in my life: my love of ultimate frisbee, chocolate milk in a frosty mug, my first taste of Jack Johnson, and my introduction to a movie called Cold Comfort Farm. I love this film. It is very character driven with very little actual plot, but by the end of the movie, I felt like I knew and cared about all the people in it. Not to spoil what plot there is, but I was really happy for all of them that it had a happy ending, genuinely happy for them.

This book is like that.

The book uses an epistolary style to tell the story of the German Occupation of the channel islands (as in the English Channel). At the end, you come out knowing so much more than what it was like for the people of Guernsey Island during the war. You've made friends with all the people there. On the back cover, Elizabeth Gilbert, autor of Eat, Pray, Love (a book which I hear is fabulous and I started to read, but I can't recommend on account of it didn't pass my profanity filter) gives a review. She states: "... I kept forgetting this was a work of fiction populated with characters so utterly wonderful that I kept forgetting they weren't my actual friends and neighbors."

I loved this book so much, I finished it in a very unproductive day and a half, if productivity is counted as doing things other than reading like caring for my child and cooking/cleaning.

Read it, you'll love it.