Saturday, October 21, 2006

Everything I tried at the Library

So, most of my book getting from the library happens on my way to the children's section. I tend to quickly browse the books in the middle, pick two and run to see what mischief Jack has happened upon. I picked up On Beauty, by Zadia Smith and Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson. (How come I can't underline, like everyone else on this blog. I'm not blog smart.)
OK, so, On Beauty was hard to follow at first. Then it kind of had a lot of swearing and after a while I decided that I didn't like it. I only read half of it.

Gilead won the Pulitzer Prize, so I thought it would be great. Hmmmm...I see why it won, but it's not a page turner. It's more of a book that you read one page a day. It's about an old preacher. He didn't marry until very late in life, he's now almost 80, and he feels like he's dying. The WHOLE book is a letter to his 7 year old son. He meaders and rambles though the letter adressing events in his life and his views on life.

I was sitting next to Caitlin in Sunday School and I asked her if she'd read the Tennis Shoes Amoung the Nephites books. She hasn't. I recommended those. If nothing else, they made me want to get out my Book of Mormon and read. The other book that made me do that was Righteous Warriors, by John Bytheway. I thought that book was great. Everything I read, I kept thinking, "Oh, that would be a great talk."


The Duke said...

My dear sister,
To underline you must enclose the text-to-be-underlined with a tag and a counter tag. The underline tag/counter tag looks like this:

<"u">This text is underlined<"/u">

Except remove the quotes. The <"u"> tag turns on the underline and the <"/u"> turns it off. The tags do not appear in the final text. If I hadn't used quotes it would have been underlined.

One last note: the underline tag doesn't work in a comment. (So I can't show you an example. Some tags/counter tags which work in posting do not work when commenting, go figure.)

Caitlin said...

Thanks for pointing out my short comings in Mormon culture of not reading that series. Since we are on the subject, I have also never read "The Work and the Glory" series, and I have never watched "Saturday's Warriors", but I do know that the church is true.

Allison said...

THANK YOU Austin. Alas, I am still just a blogging beginner. I do know, however, that titles of books should be underlined. Caitlin, I haven't read The Work and the Glory series either.

Sanchez Family said...

I am in the middle of Righteous Warriors and it's great. I want to start The Work and the Glory series, I think that will take until I'm 40 years old to finish.