Saturday, December 20, 2008

What I've been Chad

I had to break into Caitlin's account to post here since apparently, the only dude that can post is Austin.
So anyway,
Edward- "I love you, but I want to drink your blood"
Bella- "I love you, I'm not scard of you. Let's get it on".
If Jasper is so jumpy around blood (i.e. He nearly kills Bella when she gets a paper cut (wait, was that in this book?)) then what the heck is he doing in school? What, no one's got a paper cuts in school? I think I saw someone lose a finger once in shop.

Edward- "I'm in this book. JK".
Jacob- "Hi Bella, I'm not so secretly in love you and you hanging around all the time is sort of leading me on. P.S. I'm a werewolf."
Bella- "Thanks for helping me get over Edward. Oh, you love me? I love you too. JK. I'll be here tomorrow so you can hold my hand some more.

Bella- "Edward, make me a vampire"
Edward- "Alright, JK"

I thought the ending was anti-climatic. If the volturi were mind attacking them, I think it would at least have been cool if they did some mind attacking back. Maybe had the Amazon take out their vision or something.

My second time through this one. There was a bunch of stuff I missed from the first time. For examle, Bokonan predicted that his boat taken from the "Lady's Slipper" would sail again at the end of the world. It was made into the bed that Papa was in when he fell into the ocean.
Now I want to try a little Boko Maru with Caitlin. This book gave me a nightmare about Ice Nine. I haven't verified this, but I wasn't aware the cat's cradle is one of the oldest recorded games. I like this book.

My first time with Robinson Crusoe. I was surprised at how spritual it was. He spends 28 years on the island, 26 or so by himself. Over which time, he comes to appreciate the Lord's hand in all he has and all he is able to learn and accomplish. "If savage man come, they eat me, you get away". This is also where "My man Friday" comes from. I like Friday. I like the scene where Friday fights the bear.


Amanda said...

I've never read Cat's Cradle, but I have no idea what you're talking about. Maybe I should read it so I can be in the know.

Anne & Aaron said...

I love your synopsis of the Twilight series... this made my Christmas Eve (among other things).