Monday, October 15, 2007

Isaiah for Airheads

I stole this book from Jerri and I decided to study Isaiah like it suggests: slowly, methodically, prayerfully, and with my scriptures open. And just as John Bytheway promises, I changed from thinking "oh great, the words of Isaiah" to "Great are the words of Isaiah."

The book focuses on just the Book of Mormon chapters of quoted Isaiah, and is set up like an institute manual with commentary on a verse-by-verse basis along with practical application and a lot of 'big picture' concepts. There's about 20 chapters of Isaiah quoted in the Book of Mormon, so if you did a chapter a day, which is pretty reasonable, you'd be done in 20 days. It took me much longer than that because sometimes I only had time for a few verses.

I found it very helpful because sometimes, you just need someone to tell you what the heck a crisping pin is. I would heartily recommend it.

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